Kimberly’s Bridal Shower


I can’t tell you enough how excited I am for my BFF to be getting married to the man of her dreams!

A little bit of background on us. We met in 6th grade in band (geeky? I think not!). Then in 7th grade is when things really took off for us ;). We ended up having EVERY SINGLE CLASS together! That made us instant BFFs. We were cheerleaders together through middle school and part of high school and band mates til senior year. She was what you call my “base” in cheerleading and even though I sometimes fell, she never let me hit the ground! That’s trust right there.

Here is a picture of us in high school at prom and a picture of us 12 years later! My hair is frizzy and messy because it had been a long humid day for me (haha), but I love seeing the difference from 18 to (ahem) 30.


Kimberly is such a wonderful person! I absolutely love her and her family. Her momma was like a second mom to me. She would pick us up from events and even buy me tacos! Beef, bean, cheese, and avocado. Can you say yum?!  (Enough about food) ..This girl is beautiful inside and out and I can’t wait to see her all dressed up in her gorgeous wedding dress along side her future hubby.

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