Massey Family

Let me start by saying that this family is SO SWEET and it’s easy to see how much love they have for each other. Jennifer and Keith are such amazing parents and an incredibly adorable couple! They are also GREAT dancers! They did THE. CUTEST. Dirty Dancing performance at a church talent show. Lift and everything! Nobody puts baby in a corner! Jennifer studied ballet and is sooo graceful. (She even tried teaching me a thing or two, but I think the ballet boat for me has sailed.)

There may not be any hope left for me, but their dancing skills have definitely been passed down to their children! Rafael and Barbara have mad moves. I love that they are always so willing to dance together and just have fun. They are such sweet kiddos.

Massey family, thank you for being great friends and giving me the opportunity to capture these wonderful moments! I hope you love your photographs as much as I do.

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