Downtown McAllen Surprise Engagement

“Can we do one more?” Sebastian said after I told the family we were done taking photos.  “Of course!” I said and noticed his nervous smile as he pulled out a ring box from his coat pocket and held it behind his back.  I got SO EXCITED and had to contain my emotion so that

1. I wouldn’t give it away and

2. so that I wouldn’t cry and miss photographing the proposal!

“Whenever you’re ready”, I nodded.  He got down on one knee and asked Stephanie to marry him!

Ahh! I love this girl and her kiddos so much! She is such an kind and strong mama.  She had been a single mom for a while and her dedication to her kids never ceased to amaze me.  She works hard, protects her kids, and raises them right! Emma and Ryan are so sweet and not to mention SUPER CUTE! Emma is such a little girly girl who loves to wear dresses and purses. Ryan is a little lady’s man who charms everyone with his dimples 😀

About a year and a half ago, Sebastian came into this adorable trio’s life. He has been an amazing partner to Stephanie and clearly loves her children.  They truly complement each other and I couldn’t be happier for them!

Congratulations on this new journey you guys will be going on together! Life has so many wonderful moments for the two of you. May God bless your family and your future marriage. Love you!

The Journal


  1. Yvonne Sierra says:

    Thank you for capturing this awesome moment ffg or my son Sebastian ! We love Stephanie and the kiddos and are so happy she will be part of our family soon!

    • ilse salinas says:

      I loved every moment of it! I love Stephanie too and I’m so glad that she and Sebastian as so happy together <3

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