Harper Hill Ranch Engagement Session


This was such a unique and beautiful engagement session! It was my first time at Harper Hill Ranch and I hope it’s not my last. (I know I get to go back at least one more time for their wedding in January!) From the longhorns grazing in the fields on the way in, to the mini donkeys, to the stained glass windows, I was just in awe! The absolute cherry on top was finally getting to meet Samantha and Ryan in person! They are so fun! This adorable couple met at work where they are soccer coaches at a university. They are an outdoorsy, active couple who loves to hike and spend time with friends and family. If they are not out hiking or swimming at their favorite state park, you can find them catching a soccer game. They LOVE soccer.

Samantha even played for the Mexican national team in high school! How cool is she?!

So this venue perfectly reflected their personalities and relationship! Even though they said they felt like newbies in front of the camera, Samantha and Ryan were absolute pros. Ryan’s goofiness made everyone laugh and Samantha’s smile is contagious.

Guys, thank you for letting me capture your love story! Ya’ll are so cute and are obviously best friends. A love like yours is guaranteed to last through many generations. I’m really looking forward to your wedding day ❤️

Big hugs and lots of love,



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