Bryan House Wedding

This was my first wedding since February before everything shut down. And it felt SO GOOD to finally have the chance to capture a couple’s love story! This wedding also didn’t go exactly as originally planned, but the beautiful couple were just happy that they get to call each other husband and wife. First, the wedding was supposed to take place at Casa De Palmas, but due to the current situation, the hotel was forced to cancel the event. I suggested the Bryan House because it is a small privately owned outdoor venue and figured it would fit their needs. And we all LOVED it!

Because it was a small venue, we had to be extra careful not to let the bride and groom bump into each other before their “blind first look”. We found the perfect location to have them hold hands and share a prayer before their ceremony. They giggled as they held hands and realized it was almost time to go from bride and groom, to husband and wife!


Since they don’t wear jewelry they put their own unique twist on the ceremony. Instead of exchanging rings, they each took a half of a samurai sword and connected them to create one. It will be displayed in their home as a symbol of their marriage! I love when couples create these beautiful details to make the wedding uniquely theirs!

I had such a fun time with this amazing family and couldn’t have asked for a better first wedding back. I wish you guys a lifetime of happiness and a marriage even better than your wedding 😉.

Big hugs and lots of love,


The Journal


  1. Debra Hart says:

    This young lady, Faith is a sweetheart! So gentle and kind and loving. You captured that! These pictures are amazing!
    The young man, Aaron, I have only met a few times. I have spent enough time to know he is outgoing, and easy to get to know, funny, and really loves Faith. You captured that!
    God bless you, you are awesome!

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