South Padre Island Engagement Session

CheyAnne & Michael

This sweet couple came all the way from Colorado for their wedding! Because of the craziness in the world and job schedules, making the trip to the valley before their wedding was impossible. So during their engagement party/ rehearsal dinner the day before their wedding, I pulled CheyAnne and Michael aside for a mini engagement session.

CheyAnne and Michael met on the light rail to and from school. They would see each other. Exchange looks and smiles until finally Mike approached Chey and talked to her. They each went to class, but Chey was excited to see Mike on the way home, just like she had seen him every other day. Only today, she knew they would get to talk again. Unfortunately, CheyAnne got out a bit late! She hurried to the train, but missed it. She thought she missed her chance to see Mike that day, but there he was. Waiting. They had the chance to talk the rest of the afternoon and the rest is history! (Isn’t it like straight out of a movie?! I LOOVE IT!)

Michael and CheyAnne, thank you for letting me capture a glimpse of your love story! You guys are seriously amazing! Can’t wait to share your wedding blog post! Coming SO SOON.

Big hugs and lots of love,


The Journal


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