We live in a world where we see clips and photos of our lives in 15 second intervals. These tiny bits live in our phones and devices, but hardly ever make it to a hard copy.
Picture this: You print all of your wedding photos and put them into photo sleeves or in a box. Years later your children start to get curious about when their parents got married. They lovingly (but roughly) look through the photos. Suddenly, you're missing some, others got put on a sticky table, and others get torn.
Now you're missing parts of your love story!
This is exactly what happened to me! I love that our children liked looking through out photos, but our wedding album was different to today's and are now missing lots of photos.
Modern albums can truly withstand the test of time (and sticky hands). They are beautiful, but they're also sturdy, which means that you are able to hold on to those memories for a lifetime. Digital files and saving devices are constantly changing. All of us have lost photos from old phones and computers. But by having legacy albums in physical copies, those moments will last through generations. This is why each of my couples and families will receive an album with their wedding or portrait session!

In a world of technology and digital prints...

Leaving a legacy

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